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At NC Diesel Performance in Salisbury, NC, we keep your vehicles on the road with top-tier EGR and DPF repairs. If you're a truck operator, fleet manager, or equipment owner, you're in the right place. See how our EGR and DPF repairs and services can benefit your business.

What is a DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) plays a pivotal role in reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines. It traps and filters out soot and particulate matter from the exhaust, helping to minimize air pollution and meet emission standards.

How Often Should an EGR be replaced?

An average exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve has a lifespan of approximately ten years in service. Proper maintenance of the valve is crucial to avoid performance-related issues. If you notice a smell of fuel from under the hood or experience rough idling, consider an EGR valve replacement.

EGR and DPF Repairs and Services

  • DPF Cleaning and Regeneration: We offer professional DPF cleaning and regeneration, maintaining compliance with emissions standards and optimizing performance.
  • DPF Filter Replacement: Our DPF filter replacement services are designed to maintain compliance with emissions regulations and keep your fleet running smoothly.
  • EGR Valve Replacement: If your EGR valve is showing signs of wear, we provide EGR valve replacement to restore proper emissions control and performance
  • EGR System Diagnosis and Repairs: We diagnose and repair issues related to the entire EGR system, ensuring efficient emissions control and engine performance.

Areas We Serve

At NC Diesel Performance, we proudly serve a 100-mile radius of our location in Salisbury, NC. We offer services for various areas in North Carolina, including Lexington, Concord, Statesville, Hickory, Mooresville, Kannapolis, and Mocksville, NC. We are here to cater to these surrounding communities with top-notch repairs and services.

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For expert EGR and DPF repairs in Salisbury, NC, count on NC Diesel Performance. We understand the critical role of these components in your diesel engines and are here to keep them in prime condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or inquire about our EGR and DPF repair services.

Truck & Auto Repair Services

At NC Diesel Performance, we offer a 6-bay diesel repair shop in Salibury, NC capable of a wide range of truck & auto repair services. From axles, transmissions, and brakes, to diagnostics, driveline & engine repairs, we do it all. We also provide a 100-mile mobile service radius to perform repair at your location throughout North Carolina.

"These guys are top notch in the diesel repair game! Might be a little out of my way but i cant afford to gamble with my duramax. They have a customer for life. Brandon has assembled an awesome team. Go see them!"

- Brian

"These guys know their stuff. I wouldn’t take my duramax to anyone else. Fair, and honest people!"


"They did great work on my L5P duramax."

- Johnny

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